The Emperor Has No Clothes – Investigative Post Series Paints Devastating Picture of State Economic Development Spending

April 3, 2017

Congratulations to the team at Investigative Post of Buffalo, Pro Publica, and Columbia Journalism School for publishing the best summation of New York State economic development spending done to date.  Their exhaustively-documented series lays out in excruciating detail how the roughly $8B a year New York State and local government spend subsidizing businesses, and on dubious pork barrel projects, has not produced  jobs, economic growth or societal value, yet has created an enormous opportunity for corruption, influence peddling, and pay to play.

Investigative Post: State of Subsidies

1) State of Subsidies: Job Growth Access Upstate New York Remains Sluggish Despite Billions in Economic Development Subsidies
Investigative Post
March 26, 2017

2) Corning Masters the Subsidy Game
Investigative Post
March 27, 2017

3) Lackadaisical Vetting of Subsidy Seekers
Investigative Post
March 29, 2017

4) Lack of Scrutiny for Subsidy Programs
Investigative Post
March 29, 2017

Groups Support Awarding Attorneys’ Fees in FOIL Lawsuits

March 24, 2017

Download (PDF, 58KB)

Groups Memo in Support of New York State Procurement Integrity Act Legislation

March 23, 2017

Download (PDF, 313KB)

Reinvent Albany Calls For Sunshine Week FOIL Attorney Fee Push

March 10, 2017

Download (PDF, 161KB)

Watchdog groups recommend Clean Contracting reforms in Executive Budget

March 9, 2017

Download (PDF, 326KB)