Reinvent Albany has a number of major initiatives underway. We seek to:

1. Open New York State Government Using Innovations in Information Technology. The governor and legislature have a phenomenal opportunity to harness the revolution in Information Technology for the benefit of the people of New York. The internet, social media, WiFi and mobile computing are radically altering how people communicate with each other, business and government. NYS government should be using this technology to provide better public services and be more responsive, transparent and accountable.

2. Put Government Performance Online. New York should use the internet and advances in Information Technology to vastly improve the public accountability and performance of state agencies. Currently, few agencies have publicly stated missions and goals, let alone public measurements of their performance. The governor should establish key performance indicators for agencies, and use the internet to show how well agencies are meeting their goals and serving the public.

3. End the Diversions of Dedicated Highway, Bridge, Transit and Environment Funds. Albany must keep its promises to the public. Dedicated taxes and fees should be spent solely for the purpose they were intended: transit taxes for transit, bridge and roadway taxes for bridges and roadways, environment fund taxes for the environment. Unfortunately, Albany has diverted billions of dedicated taxes to plug the overall state budget gap.

4. Open New York’s Information: Put New York State’s Wealth of Digital Information Online. Governor Cuomo should launch an Open New York digital government program which puts all non-personal state information online; puts non-personal Freedom of Information Law responses online; and seeks to fully harness the information revolution for the benefit of New Yorkers.