The Executive Orders report proposed eleven model Executive Orders that Governor Andrew Cuomo could use to open state government, increase the accountability of state agencies, and reduce barriers to voting. Most of the orders share the basic goal of empowering the citizenry with more and better information about what their government is doing. The report also included new scholarship which documents the evolution and limits of executive orders.

Model Executive Orders

Open-Up New York State Government

  1. Publish Freedom of Information Law
    Responses Online
  2. Put All Non-Personal State Digital
    Data On The Internet
  3. Put Public Meeting Presentations Online,
    Before and After Meetings

Increase the Accountability of State Government

  1. Create a More Rational and Open
    Budget Process
  2. End the Diversion of Dedicated Funds With A “Governor’s Locked Box”
  3. Increase Agency Accountability With A Web-
    Based “Governor’s Performance Initiative”

Strengthen Ethics Reform

  1. Impose Stronger Ethics Rules for Executive
    Branch Employees

Expand the Franchise and Improve the State’s Election Performance

  1. Automate the State’s Voter Registration
  2. Simplify the Restoration of Voting Rights
  3. Create a Task Force to Improve Elections
  4. Create a Task Force to Improve Ballot Design

Executive Orders was produced by Reinvent Albany with the help of experts from NYPIRG, Brennan Center for Justice/NYU Law School, and The Center for Research, Regional Education and Outreach (CRREO) at SUNY New Paltz. It includes original research by Professor Gerald Benjamin, and an extensive new compendium of 30 years of executive orders.

Download (PDF, 1.11MB)