New York State Open Data Resources

Office of the Comptroller

Open Book New York: Local Government spending, state contracts, state spending, state payments, and public authority information.

Governor’s Office

Project Sunlight: searching the official meetings of government entities and the companies which lobby them. Includes search for individual lobbyists.

Open New York: open data portal with hundreds of data sets from dozens of state agencies. Nearly 1/3rd of the data sets are from the award-winning Department of Health. Also federates New York City’s open data portal.

Open Budget NY: estimated and actual budget information for state agencies, including disbursements, expenditures, receipts, and appropriations. Includes school aid data. Publishes all this information in machine-readable formats.

Attorney General

NY Open Government: search and download campaign contributions and expenses, as well as lobbyists and their clients; also has information on corporations, charities, state contracts, and elected officials.

State Senate

New York Open Senate: search legislation by sponsor, committee, transcripts, votes, etc. Data sets like payroll, web analytics, and expenditures.


NYS GIS Clearinghouse: datasets of geospatial information, such as raster maps, ortho imagery, and elevation data. Contains data sets from academia, nonprofits, and government at the local, county, state, and federal level.

Cornell University Geospatial Information Repository: thousands of geospatial datasets from state and federal agencies, from Adirondack Wetlands to Zebra Mussel Distribution.