How NY State Can Improve Its COVID-19 Data


Over the past nine months, Reinvent Albany has been tracking what coronavirus data NY state provides through our COVID-19 open data tracker, which has now grown to 270 data points.

NY has made enormous strides in publishing COVID-19 data – our tracker shows that the state now publishes 119 data points, up from 14 in March 2021. The NYS open data portal now includes 23 datasets, up from one in March 2020. The state now also has a COVID-19 data front page that allows for most data to be accessed from one page.

But the state can go much further — 72 datasets are already provided in some form, but for some reason are not included in the open data portal. As noted in our general recommendations, the state also only provides cumulative fatalities for nursing homes, rather than deaths by individual date.

Our data tracker – now over 300 rows – breaks down NY’s COVID-19 data page-by-page and shows how far the state has come and what can still be done.

Check it out below: