Reinvent Albany State Bill Memos, 2023-2024

Assembly BillSenate BillRA PositionStatusIssueDescription (Links to Memo)
A7739 (Simon)S1571 (Gianaris)SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyRequires online publishing of NYS judges’ financial disclosure statements
A7266 (Rosenthal L)S2422 (Hoylman-Sigal)SupportIn CommitteeHome RuleAllows New York City to Set Speed Limits as Low as 20 mph (Sammy’s Law)
S2872 (Comrie)SupportIn CommitteeAccountable AuthoritiesExempts the MTA from State Bond Issuance Charges
A846 (Weprin)S1632 (Kavanagh)SupportIn CommitteeTax SubsidiesRepeals Madison Square Garden Property Tax Exemption
A351 (Bronson)S89 (Ryan)SupportIn CommitteeTax SubsidiesPrevents IDAs From Abating School District Taxes
A1768 (Colton)S979 (Mattera)SupportIn CommitteeAccountable GovernmentAllows the Governor, Senate, or Assembly to Reject New Authority Subsidiaries
A4043 (Carroll)S3545 (Ramos)SupportPassed in BudgetAccountable AuthoritiesRequires Additional Transparency of Spending on MTA Capital Projects
A2610 (Hyndman)S153 (Krueger)SupportPassed in BudgetAccountable AuthoritiesImproves MTA Bus Service with Automated Camera Enforcement of NYC Traffic Laws
A2895 (Gonzalez-Rojas)S1205 (Gounardes)SupportIn CommitteeAccountable AuthoritiesRemits Internet Sales Tax Funds Directly to the MTA Without Appropriation
A1560 (McDonald)S3544 (Breslin)SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyRequires electronic financial disclosures of legislative members and candidates
A1609 (McDonald)S2833 (Breslin)SupportPassed Senate, In Assembly CommitteeTransparencyRequires legislative members and candidates to link their financial disclosure
statements on their official state and campaign websites
A2507 (Paulin)S3574 (Skoufis)SupportOn Senate Floor CalendarTransparencyRequires financial disclosure statements of candidates for office to be posted on the
Commission on Ethics and Lobbying in Government website
A2873-B (Kelles)S5621-B (May)SupportSigned by GovernorTransparencyAdds a Question to State Financial Disclosure Statements about Crypto Holdings
A2170-A (Dinowitz)S543-A (Gianaris)SupportPassed Senate, In Assembly CommitteeTax SubsidiesFully End Opportunity Zone Tax Break
A9404 (Wallace)S3507 (Skoufis)SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyRequires members of regional economic development councils, including volunteers, to file financial disclosure statements
A9548 (Solages)S1883 (Skoufis)SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyRequires economic development entities to be subject to Open Meetings and Freedom of Information Laws; requires members to file financial disclosures
A5118 (Thiele)S5174 (Jackson)SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyStrengthens FOIL Attorneys' Fees
A5983 (Lavine)S6061 (Hoylman-Sigal)OpposeSigned by GovernorAccountable GovernmentAllows Vacancies for Associate Judge of NYS Court of Appeals to Be Appointed from List for Chief Judge
A6542 (Carroll)S2362 (Rivera)SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyRequires Disclosure of Employer for Campaign Contributors
A712 (Weprin)S160 (Hoylman-Sigal)SupportPassed Senate, in Assembly CommitteeAccountable GovernmentAuthorizes the use of cameras in New York State’s appellate and trial courts
A5786 (McDonald)S4152 (Gianaris)SupportVetoed by GovernorTransparencyDiscloses Lobbying Activities for Confirmation or Nomination of Persons to State Office
A8618 (McDonald)S7883 (Gianaris)SupportPassed Senate, in Assembly CommitteeTransparencyDiscloses Lobbying Activities for Confirmation or Nomination of Persons to State Office
A3992 (Carroll)S2385 (Myrie)SupportIn CommitteeVotingBans Hybrid Voting Machines
A2160 (Dinowitz)S145 (Gianaris)SupportPassed Senate, in Assembly CommitteeAccountable AuthoritiesExempting MTA from Public Authorities Reimbursement Fee
A3291 (Dinowitz)S7046 (Fernandez)SupportIn CommitteeVotingMakes Expansion of Absentee Voting Provisions Permanent
A7179 (McDonald)S6247 (Myrie)SupportIn CommitteeCampaign FinanceEstablishes Doing-Business Restrictions in NYS Elections
A6115 (Paulin)S5512 (Rivera)SupportSigned by GovernorTransparencyLead Pipe Right to Know Act
A1438 (Rosenthal L)S481 (Salazar)SupportIn CommitteeTax SubsidiesRepeals Certain Use Tax Exemptions for Racehorses
A3484-A (Gallagher)S995 (Hoylman-Sigal)SupportSigned by GovernorTransparencyRequires Disclosure of LLC Beneficial Owners
(“LLC Transparency Act”)
A5934-A (Cunningham)S6169-A (Cleare)SupportIn CommitteeVotingVoting Integrity and Verification Act of New York (VIVA NY)
A1722-A (Zinerman)S1381-A (Comrie)SupportSigned by GovernorVotingRequires Plain Language in Statewide Ballot Amendments
A7404 (Solages)S6941 (Cooney)SupportVetoed by GovernorTransparencyRequires contracts exempted from OSC oversight to be published
A7760 (Walker)S7564 (Myrie)OpposeVetoed by GovernorCampaign FinanceMakes structural changes to NYS public campaign finance law
A5613 (Zebrowski)S1726 (Harckham)SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyClarifies NYS Freedom of Information Law
A7757 (Weinstein)S7562 (Gianaris)OpposeSigned by GovernorAccountable AuthoritiesExpands eligibility for the Empire State Film Production Credit
A2873-B (Kelles)S5621-B (May)SupportSigned by GovernorTransparencyRelates to reporting of digital assets on the annual statement of financial disclosure
A4282-A (Paulin)S3505-B (Skoufis)SupportSigned by GovernorVotingMoves certain county and town elections in New York to November of even-numbered years
A3778 (Zebrowski)S521 (Comrie)SupportVetoed by GovernorAccountable AuthoritiesRepeals 2019 Changes to Public Authorities Control Board
A4847-A (Jacobson)S520-A (Comrie)SupportVetoed by GovernorAccountable AuthoritiesProhibits Conflicts of Interest at IDAs
A6606 (Solages)S3576 (Skoufis)SupportIn CommitteeTax SubsidiesProhibits Funds, Financial Incentives, Subsidies or Tax Exemptions for Projects with Non-Public Occupants
A1048 (Solages)S127 (Ryan)SupportIn CommitteeTax SubsidiesProhibits Subsidies for E-Commerce Warehouse Facilities
A7147 (Levenberg)S2333 (Myrie)SupportIn CommitteeVotingRequires images of cast vote records be made publicly available
A7949-A (Simon)S3389 (Krueger)SupportIn CommitteeTax SubsidiesStop Climate Polluter Handouts Act
A8022 (Shrestha)S7655 (Salazar)SupportIn CommitteeAccountable AuthoritiesEnds Automatic Approval of Some Gubernatorial Appointees
A1532 (Wallace)S5175 (Gounardes)SupportIn CommitteeAccountable AuthoritiesRestores Comptroller Pre-Audit 30 Days After Emergency Order in Effect
A466 (Carroll)S983 (Salazar)SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyCloses Loophole Allowing LLCs and Corporate Entities to Be Used to Exceed
State Limits on Campaign Contributions
A7185 (Lavine)S9635 (Jackson)SupportIn CommitteeBudgetAmends Article VII of the NYS Constitution to Give the Legislature Equal Powers to the Governor in the Budget Process
S2073 (May)SupportIn CommitteeBudgetProtects Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Proceeds from Raids by Prohibiting Transfers to General Fund
A2442 (Gonzalez-Rojas)S2322 (Bailey)SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyClarifies Intent of 50-a Repeal
A9279 (Kelles)S7137 (Gounardes)SupportIn CommitteeEthicsAmends State Code of Ethics to Explicitly Prohibit Harassment and Discrimination
S2138 (Liu)SupportIn CommitteeEthicsExpands Definition of “Public Employee” to Include Court Workers
A5259 (Dinowitz)S2812 (Gounardes)SupportIn Senate CommitteeHome RuleExpands and extends New York City’s red light camera program
A9231 (Zebrowski)S8142 (Comrie)SupportIn CommitteeAccountable AuthoritiesRepeals 2019 Changes to Public Authorities Control Board
S6544 (Martinez)OpposeOn Senate Floor CalendarAccountable AuthoritiesEnables IDAs to Provide Housing Tax Breaks
A8121 (Thiele)S6746 (Ryan)SupportPassed Senate, On Assembly Floor CalendarAccountable AuthoritiesExpands Authorities Budget Office Powers
A8053-A (González-Rojas)S8168 (Salazar)SupportIn CommitteeAccountable GovernmentEstablishes Commission to Study COVID-19 Pandemic Response
A181 (Carroll)S178 (Gianaris)SupportOn Senate Floor CalendarVotingAmends State Constitution to Allow Same-Day Voter Registration
A6762 (Solages)S1737 (Krueger)SupportPassed in BudgetTransparencyEstablishes a Database of Deals for Local Authorities
A6764 (Cunningham)S6168 (Comrie)SupportIn CommitteeVotingRequires Better Notice to Voters Who Are Purged or Put on Inactive Status
A7052-C (Sillitti)S6173-B (Skoufis)SupportPassed Senate, in Assembly CommitteeVotingAuthorizes NY to Share Voter Roll Data with Other States
A5366 (Bores)S5414 (Hoylman-Sigal)SupportOn Senate Floor CalendarAccountable GovernmentAuthorizes Legislature to Increase Number of NY Supreme Court Justices
S617 (Myrie)SupportIn CommitteeElectionsMandates Training for NY Local Elections Commissioners and Key Staff
A2229 (Hyndman)S1081 (Comrie)SupportPassed Senate, in Assembly CommitteeAccountable AuthoritiesRequires Municipal Housing Authorities to Report Use of State Funding to ABO Oversight
A9975 (Rosenthal L)S3257 (Hoylman-Sigal)SupportOn Senate Floor CalendarTransparencyLimits Commercial FOIL Exemption
A5357-A (Steck)S5801-A (Liu)SupportPassed Senate, In Assembly Committee
TransparencyStrengthens FOIL attorneys’ fees
A8857 (Carroll)S8099 (Comrie)SupportIn Senate Committee
Accountable AuthoritiesRequires Cost Estimates and MTA Board Approval for 20-Year Needs Assessment
A1464 (Carroll)S2557 (Hoylman-Sigal)SupportIn Senate Committee
Tax SubsidiesEnds luxury yacht tax break
A1523 (Carroll)S2556 (Hoylman-Sigal)SupportIn Senate Committee
Tax SubsidiesEnds private jet tax break
A6103 (Paulin)S3502 (Skoufis)SupportOn Senate Floor CalendarTransparencyEliminates FOIL exemption for consultant reports
A5910 (Zebrowski)S2297 (Mayer)SupportPassed Senate, in Assembly CommitteeAccountable AuthoritiesAuthorizes County Comptrollers to audit IDAs and LDCs
A4908 (Lavine)S4398 (Hoylman-Sigal)SupportOn Senate Floor CalendarTransparencyProtects the Commission on Judicial Conduct’s budget request and makes complaint process more transparent
A494 (Epstein)S6199 (Myrie)SupportOn Assembly Floor CalendarVotingRequires candidates nominated for county committee to be notified by the NYC BOE
A3250 (Epstein)S6735 (May)SupportPassed Senate and AssemblyVotingAllows pre-registered voters to apply for an absentee ballot
A8586 (Raga)S8128 (Skoufis)SupportIn Senate CommitteeTransparencyReduces time public must wait to appeal FOIL delays and denials
S8969 (Skoufis)OpposeIn Senate CommitteeCampaign FinanceMakes Significant Changes to NYS Public Campaign Finance Law
A10539 (Magnarelli)S9835 (Skoufis)OpposePassed Senate, In Assembly CommitteeCampaign FinanceMakes Last-Minute Changes to NYS Public Campaign Finance Law
A9621 (McDonald)S8671 (Hoylman-Sigal)SupportIn Senate CommitteeTransparencyRequires agencies to submit FOIL logs to Committee on Open Government
A2852 (Zebrowski)S3353 (Skoufis)SupportIn Senate CommitteeTransparencyRequires municipalities to maintain municipal websites
A1258 (Hunter)S644 (Mannion)SupportPassed Senate, In Assembly CommitteeElectionsEstablishes minimum staffing levels for local boards of elections
A4777 (Pretlow)S6933 (Webb)SupportIn Senate CommitteeElectionsIncreases election commissioner terms from two to four years
A10281 (Solages)S9171 (Cooney)SupportIn Senate CommitteeAccountable AuthoritiesRequires contracts exempted from OSC oversight to be published
S9398 (Ramos)SupportIn Senate CommitteeTransparencyRequires lists of debarred companies be published as open data
S9009 (Skoufis)SupportIn Senate CommitteeTransparencyRequires electronic filing of all lobbying filings
S9011 (Skoufis)SupportIn Senate CommitteeTransparencyRequires electronic filing of all financial disclosure statements to the COELIG
A10266 (Simone)SupportIn Assembly CommitteeTransparencyUpdates Open Meetings Law to require hybrid participation at public meetings and close loopholes

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