Reinvent Albany State Bill Memos, 2023-2024

Assembly BillSenate BillRA PositionStatusIssueDescription (Links to Memo)
S1571 (Gianaris)SupportOn Senate Floor CalendarTransparencyRequires online publishing of NYS judges’ financial disclosure statements
A7266 (Rosenthal L)S2422 (Hoylman-Sigal)SupportOn Senate Floor CalendarHome RuleAllows New York City to Set Speed Limits as Low as 20 mph (Sammy’s Law)
A3778 (Zebrowski)S521 (Comrie)SupportPassed Senate, In Assembly CommitteeAccountable GovernmentRepeals 2019 Changes to Public Authorities Control Board
A2229 (Hyndman)S1081 (Comrie)SupportOn Senate Floor Calendar, In Assembly CommitteeAccountable GovernmentRequires Municipal Housing Authorities to Report Use of State Funding to ABO Oversight
S2872 (Comrie)SupportOn Senate Floor CalendarAccountable GovernmentExempts the MTA from State Bond Issuance Charges
A846 (Weprin)S1632 (Kavanagh)SupportIn CommitteeTax SubsidiesRepeals Madison Square Garden Property Tax Exemption
A351 (Bronson)S89 (Ryan)SupportIn CommitteeTax SubsidiesPrevents IDAs From Abating School District Taxes
A1768 (Colton)S979 (Mattera)SupportOn Senate Floor Calendar, In Assembly CommitteeAccountable GovernmentAllows the Governor, Senate, or Assembly to Reject New Authority Subsidiaries
A4043 (Carroll)S3545 (Ramos)SupportIn CommitteeAccountable AuthoritiesRequires Additional Transparency of Spending on MTA Capital Projects
A2610 (Hyndman)S153 (Krueger)SupportIn CommitteeAccountable AuthoritiesImproves MTA Bus Service with Automated Camera Enforcement of NYC Traffic Laws
A2895 (Gonzalez-Rojas)S1205 (Gounardes)SupportIn CommitteeAccountable AuthoritiesRemits Internet Sales Tax Funds Directly to the MTA Without Appropriation
A1560 (McDonald)S3544 (Breslin)SupportIn CommitteeAccountable GovernmentRequires electronic financial disclosures of legislative members and candidates
A1609 (McDonald)S2833 (Breslin)SupportIn CommitteeAccountable GovernmentRequires legislative members and candidates to link their financial disclosure
statements on their official state and campaign websites
A2507 (Paulin)S3574 (Skoufis)SupportIn CommitteeAccountable GovernmentRequires financial disclosure statements of candidates for office to be posted on the
Commission on Ethics and Lobbying in Government website
A2873A (Kelles)S5621A (May)SupportIn Senate Committee, Passed AssemblyAccountable GovernmentAdds a Question to State Financial Disclosure Statements about Crypto Holdings
A2170 (Dinowitz)S543 (Gianaris)SupportIn CommitteeAccountable GovernmentFully End Opportunity Zone Tax Break
S3507 (Skoufis)SupportIn Senate CommitteeAccountable GovernmentRequires members of regional economic development councils, including volunteers, to file financial disclosure statements
S1883 (Skoufis)SupportIn Senate CommitteeAccountable GovernmentRequires economic development entities to be subject to Open Meetings and
Freedom of Information Laws; requires members to file financial disclosures
A5118 (Thiele)S5174 (Jackson)SupportOn Senate Floor Calendar, In Assembly CommitteeTransparencyStrengthens FOIL Attorneys' Fees
A5983 (Lavine)S6061 (Hoylman-Sigal)OpposePassed Senate and AssemblyAccountable GovernmentAllows Vacancies for Associate Judge of NYS Court of Appeals to Be Appointed from List for Chief Judge
A6542 (Carroll)S2362 (Rivera)SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyRequires Disclosure of Employer for Campaign Contributors
A712 (Weprin)S160 (Hoylman-Sigal)SupportIn CommitteeAccountable GovernmentAuthorizes the use of cameras in New York State’s appellate and trial courts
A5786 (McDonald)S4152 (Gianaris)SupportIn CommitteeVotingDiscloses Lobbying Activities for Confirmation or Nomination of Persons to State Office
A3992 (Carroll)S2385 (Myrie)SupportIn CommitteeVotingBans Hybrid Voting Machines
A2160 (Dinowitz)S145 (Gianaris)SupportIn CommitteeAccountable AuthoritiesExempting MTA from Public Authorities Reimbursement Fee
A3291 (Dinowitz)S7046 (Fernandez)SupportIn CommitteeVotingMakes Expansion of Absentee Voting Provisions Permanent
A7179 (McDonald)S6247 (Myrie)SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyEstablishes Doing-Business Restrictions in NYS Elections
A6115 (Paulin)S5512 (Rivera)SupportIn Assembly Committee, Passed SenateAccountable AuthoritiesLead Pipe Right to Know Act
A1438 (Rosenthal L)S481 (Salazar)SupportIn CommitteeTax SubsidiesRepeals Certain Use Tax Exemptions for Racehorses
A3484-A (Gallagher)S995 (Hoylman-Sigal)SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyRequires Disclosure of LLC Beneficial Owners
(“LLC Transparency Act”)
A5934-A (Cunningham)S6169-A (Cleare)SupportIn CommitteeVotingVoting Integrity and Verification Act of New York (VIVA NY)
A1722-A (Zinerman)S1381-A (Comrie)SupportPassed Senate, In Assembly CommitteeVotingRequires Plain Language in Statewide Ballot Amendments

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