Organizational Information

Reinvent Albany was founded in January 2010, and is incorporated in New York State. Reinvent Albany is a non-profit, non-partisan, tax-exempt charitable organization. It was awarded 501(c)(3) public charity status by the IRS in October 2010. Our Conflict of Interest Policy, Whistleblower Policy and Document Retention policies are downloadable at these links.

Our audits, tax returns, and state filings are available below. These filings are also available at and through the NYS Charities Bureau. Please email to let us know about any missing, incomplete or inaccurate information on this page, or this website. (Funders, Staff and Board are on our website here.)

Reinvent Albany’s EIN is 27-1624621. Our NY State Charities Registration is 42-68-08.  Reinvent Albany employs an independent bookkeeping and auditing firm. Reinvent Albany is a Guide Star Exchange Silver Participant.  Again, please email us at with corrections or comments or write Reinvent Albany 148 Lafayette Street, 12th floor, New York, NY 10013.  (Updated July 29, 2019.)

Coming November 2019. We file annually in October.

2017 NYS Char 500
2017 IRS Form 990
2017 Reviewed Financial Statement


2016 NYS Char 500
2016 IRS Form 990
2016 Reviewed Financial Statement


2015 NYS Char-500
2015 Form 990
2015 Reviewed Financial Statement


2014 NYS Char 500
2014 IRS form 990

2014 Reviewed Financial Statement


2013 NYS Char-500
2013 IRS Form 990
2013 Audited Financial Statement


2012 NYS Char-500
2012 IRS Form 990
2012 Audited Financial Statement


2011 NYS Char-500
2011 IRS Form 990
2011 Audited Financial Statement


2010 NYS Char-500
2010 IRS Form 990
2010 Audited Financial Statement