Staff & Board

Reinvent Albany has a small, experienced, professional staff and board of directors. We rely on a large circle of expert advisers from government, academia, business and the public interest world. We use our staff as project managers and enlist top tier consultants as needed to produce reports and original research and to help organize events. We also work closely with established advocacy groups and within coalitions dedicated to government transparency and accountability, and infrastructure funding.


Reinvent Albany was founded in January 2010. Its founders include prominent members of New York’s environmental, transportation and urban sustainability movements.

John Kaehny, is the Executive Director and a founding board member of Reinvent Albany.  At Reinvent Albany he has passed state laws strengthening the Freedom of Information Law and creating a “transit lockbox.” John has successfully championed many forms of online transparency and led the public advocacy for New York’s award winning, “Open NY” open data initiative, the Open Budget website, major improvements to the Comptroller’s Open Book New York spending site and the Attorney General’s New York Open Government website.  In New York City,  John lead the campaign for the NYC Open Data Law — the first of its kind in the world– and the NYC Open FOIL initiative.

Prior to co-founding Reinvent Albany, John was a transportation policy consultant for leading New York, national and international environmental groups, and was the longtime executive director of Transportation Alternatives in New York City. John is also the co-founder of the national Alliance for Bicycling and Walking and has served on numerous city and state governmental advisory boards. His writing has appeared in the NY Times, NY Daily News, Albany Times-Union, NY Post and NY Newsday, as well as technical and scholarly journals.

Alex Camarda, Senior Policy Advisor, is one of New York State and City’s top experts and advocates for accountable government. As a senior staffer at the NY State Senate, NYC Department of Finance and the watchdog group Citizens Union, Alex has garnered deep practical experience in how government works and does not work and has led numerous successful campaigns for cleaner and more effective government. Alex is an expert on campaign finance and election laws and enforcement, and is a leader in efforts to strengthen Freedom of Information Law and state and local transparency.

Rachael Fauss, Senior Research Analyst, has deep experience in state and city budget and public policy analysis from her time at Citizens Union and the New York State Assembly. She is also an expert in conflict of interest and ethics policies and practices.

Lia Soorenian, Research Analyst, has a background in urban planning and geospatial mapping and experience as a labor organizer.

Tom Speaker, Research Analyst, has worked as a social media consultant and outside of Reinvent Albany is an ESL teacher and organizer for

Board of Directors

Reinvent Albany’s founding board includes prominent members of New York’s environmental, transportation and urban sustainability movements, who were so dismayed by the dismal state of affairs in Albany that they decided to take action.

John Kaehny, founding board member.

Mark Gorton, founding board member, is the president and founder of OpenPlans, which publishes Streetsblog and Streetsfilms. He is a prominent advocate for bicycling, walking and public transit in New York City and other American cities. Mark is also the founder and chairman of Tower Research Capital.

Aaron Naparstek, founding board member, is a journalist and national voice for green transportation and sustainable urban development. Aaron is the founding editor-in-chief of Streetsblog and was a lecturer on urban land-use and transportation planning and public policy at MIT and Harvard.  Follow Aaron on Twitter: @Naparstek.



Reinvent Albany is funded by individuals and foundations from across the political spectrum who support our efforts to make New York State and City government more transparent and accountable to the public. We receive no funding from government, government officials, government vendors, trade groups, labor unions, lobbyists or 501c4 groups. We encourage all of our donors to allow us to credit them on this website. However, some donors prefer to remain anonymous. (More organizational information is here.)

Foundation and Organizational Support
(Alphabetical, $1000 plus)

  • Democracy Fund / Omidyar Network
  • La Vida Feliz Foundation
  • Jewish Communal Fund
  • National Freedom Of Information Coalition (NFOIC)
  • Sustainable Markets Foundation
  • TransitCenter

Donating $1,000 plus
(Alphabetical by last name.)

  • Mark Gorton
  • Ken Hirsh
  • Aaron Naparstek
  • Law Offices of Vaccaro & White, LLP
  • Three anonymous contributors.

Audits, Tax Returns

See this page for Reinvent Albany’s audited financial statements, federal tax returns, and state filings.

For more information about Reinvent Albany, please email or use this Contact Us form or call 917-388-9087.