Reinvent Albany State Bill Memos, 2021-2022

Assembly BillSenate BillRA PositionStatusIssueDescription (Links to Memo)
A1931 (Rosenthal L)S260 (Myrie)
SupportIn CommitteeTax SubsidiesRepeals Section 421-a of Real Property Tax Law
A6589-A (Galef)S286-A (Myrie)SupportPassed Senate, In Assembly CommitteeVotingMakes ballot images and cast vote records available to public upon request
No same-asS516 (Gianaris)SupportIn CommitteeVotingEstablishes absentee ballot deadlines
A4655-A (Gottfried)S524-A (Hoylman)SupportIn CommitteeHome RuleAllows NYC to Set Speed Limits as Low as 20 mph (Sammy’s Law)
A1928 (Gottfried)S820 (Biaggi)SupportIn CommitteeStrong DemocracyConstitutional amendment to give the legislature more equal powers to the governor in the budget process
A2631-A (Thiele)S977-A (Gaughran)SupportPassed Senate, In Assembly CommitteeAccountable Public AuthoritiesIncreases powers of Authorities Budget Office (ABO)
A5825 (Cruz)S1096 (Liu)SupportIn CommitteeAnticorruptionIncludes legislative and judicial employees under state civil service law whistleblower and anti-retaliation protections
A5701 (Dinowitz)S1195 (Gianaris)SupportPassed in BudgetTax SubsidiesDecouples NYS and NYC’s tax code from the federal Opportunity Zones program
A4635 (Thiele)S1311-A (Gaughran)SupportSigned by GovernorAccountable Public AuthoritiesRequires Long Island Power Authority to submit lobbying and advertising reports to state leaders
A3334 (McDonald)S1473 (Breslin)
SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyRequires electronic financial disclosures of legislative members and candidates
A3469 (McDonald)S1500-A (Breslin)
SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyRequires legislative members and candidates to link their financial disclosure
statements on their official state and campaign websites
A6895 (Englebright)S1506 (Hoylman)
SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyLimits commercial FOIL exemption
A924-A (Paulin)S1625-A (Skoufis)
Recommend Chapter AmendmentSigned with Chapter Amendment Different from RecommendationTransparencyAmends definition of “public body”
A795 (Wallace)S1634 (Skoufis)
SupportVetoed by GovernorAccountable Public AuthoritiesEqualizes IDA fees within a county
A5200 (Solages)S1655 (Skoufis)SupportIn CommitteeTax SubsidiesRelates to preventing the use of funds, financial incentives, subsidies or tax exemptions for projects with non-public occupants
A6687 (Abinanti)S1743 (Skoufis)SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyRequires economic development entities to be subject to Open Meetings and Freedom of Information Laws; requires members to file financial disclosures
A1007 (Paulin)S2021 (May)SupportSigned by GovernorHome RuleAuthorizes cities, villages and towns to reduce speed limits to 25 mph
A791 (Carroll)S2768 (Ramos)SupportPassed in BudgetAccountable Public AuthoritiesMTA Budget and Capital Open Data
A2483-B (Niou)S3395-A (Gounardes)SupportSigned by GovernorHuman RightsEnsures that employees of elected and appointed officials are better able to hold state government accountable and are protected under NYS Human Rights Law’s anti-discrimination and harassment provisions
A1442-B (Carroll)S4625-A (Comrie)SupportSigned by GovernorTransparencyMTA Open Data Act
A454-A (Rozic)S4658 (Parker)SupportPassed Senate, In Assembly CommitteeVotingRequires polling places on college campuses in certain election districts
A1141-A (Paulin)S4817-A (Krueger)SupportSigned by GovernorTransparencyRemoves duplicative reporting requirements for nonprofits
A4078 (Colton)S5137 (Mattera)SupportPassed Senate, In Assembly CommitteeAccountable Public AuthoritiesRequires Legislative Approval for Creation of Public Authority Subsidiaries
A4078-A (Colton)S5137-A (Mattera)SupportPassed Senate, In Assembly CommitteeAccountable Public AuthoritiesAllows the Governor, Senate or Assembly to Reject Creation of Authority Subsidiaries
A6611-A (Hyndman)S5254-A (Biaggi)SupportIn CommitteeEthicsSimplifies Voting Requirements at the Joint Commission on Public Ethics
A5967 (Stewart-Cousins)S5357 (Heastie)Support and Recommend ImprovementsSigned by GovernorStrong DemocracyRolls back some of Governor’s emergency powers
A6601-A (Rivera JD)S5418-C (Cooney)
SupportVetoed by GovernorBudgetEstablishes NY State Aid and Incentives for Municipalities Redesign Task Force
A10438 (Glick)S5602B (Gounardes)SupportSigned by GovernorHome RuleAllows New York City’s Speed Safety Camera Program to Operate 24/7
A8325 (Wallace)S5711 (Comrie)SupportPassed in budgetTransparencyEstablishes a database of deals tracking state economic development projects
A5470 (Englebright)S6017 (Skoufis)
SupportSigned with Chapter AmendmentTransparencyImproves FOIL administration
No same-asS6261 (Biaggi)SupportIn CommitteeEthicsSimplifies JCOPE voting rules for appointment and removal of the executive director
A7611-B (Kelles)S6268-B (May)
SupportPassed Assembly, in Senate CommitteeAccountable Public AuthoritiesProtects Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) Funds from Raiding by Prohibiting Transfers to General Fund
A7512 (Hyndman)S6364 (Gounardes)SupportIn CommitteeEthicsAllows JCOPE to Disclose Status of Investigations to Complainants and the Public
A8081-A (Dinowitz)S6800-A (Gianaris)SupportPassed Senate, In Assembly CommitteeTax SubsidiesRelates to treatment of gains from qualified opportunity zones in calculating taxable income
A7925 (Zebrowski)S6809 (Reichlin-Melnick)SupportPassed Senate and AssemblyClean ContractingRestores Comptroller oversight powers
No same-asS6964-A (Biaggi)SupportPassed Senate (2021)EthicsImproves Voting Processes at JCOPE and Equalizes Legislative Appointments
A8035 (Paulin)S7233 (Savino)OpposeIn CommitteeAccountable Public AuthoritiesSplits current leadership job into separate MTA Chair and CEO positions, removes senate confirmation of CEO
A8232-B (Wallace)S7258 (Krueger)SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyLimits Outside Income for Elected Officials
A7745 (Rosenthal L)S7260 (Salazar)
SupportIn CommitteeTax SubsidiesEnds certain horse racing tax exemptions
A9086 (Kelles)S7272 (May)SupportOn Senate Floor Calendar, In Assembly CommitteeTransparencyAdds a Question to State Financial Disclosure Statements about Crypto Holdings
A8107 (Paulin)S7305 (Kaplan)
SupportPassed in budgetTransparencyRequires public bodies to post video recordings of open meetings within 5 business days
A4847-A (Abinanti)S7362-A (Skoufis)SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyRequires members of regional economic development councils, including volunteers,
to file financial disclosure statements
A8483 (Cahill)S7438 (Krueger)SupportIn CommitteeTax SubsidiesEliminates non-essential fossil fuel subsidies
A5950-A (Paulin)S7439-A (Skoufis)SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyRequires financial disclosure statements of candidates for office to be posted on the Joint Commission on Public Ethics website
S8328 (Gounardes)SupportIn CommitteeHome RuleExpands New York City’s Red Light Camera Program
A9622-C (Solages)S8419-B (Ramos)SupportPassed Senate and AssemblyTransparencyIncreases Transparency of Community Advisory Committees
Created for NYS Economic Development Projects
S8420-A (Biaggi)SupportIn CommitteeEthicsAmends State Code of Ethics to Include a Duty to Report Misconduct
S8421 (Biaggi)SupportOn Senate Floor CalendarEthicsAmends State Code of Ethics to Explicitly Prohibit Harassment and Discrimination
A9050 (Gonzalez-Rojas)S8428 (Bailey)SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyClarifies Intent of 50-a Repeal
A9415-B (Gallagher)S8439-A (Hoylman)SupportOn Assembly Floor Calendar, In Senate CommitteeTransparencyRequires Disclosure of LLC Beneficial Owners
A1115-C (Paulin)S309-B (Myrie)SupportIn Assembly Committee, Passed SenateVotingBans Hybrid Voting Machines
Various absentee ballot reform billsSupportPassed SenateVotingVarious reforms to absentee balloting in NYS
A8858-A (Carroll)SS95-A (Kavanagh)SupportPassed Senate and AssemblyVotingReduces Voter Registration Deadline to 10 Days
A5469 (Englebright)S190 (Kaplan)SupportSigned by GovernorTransparencyClarifies that names of state retirees receiving public pensions are subject to FOIL disclosure
A10507 (Stirpe)S9467 (Cooney)OpposeSigned by GovernorTransparencyAllows for eligibility of green CHIPS projects in the Excelsior tax credit program
A9636 (Solages)S8418 (Ryan)SupportIn CommitteeTax SubsidiesProhibits Subsidies for E-Commerce Warehouse Facilities
A10157 (Paulin)S7337 (Comrie)SupportPassed Senate and AssemblyTransparencyRepeals 2019 Changes to PACB
A5321 (Sillitti)S202 (Kaplan)OpposeVetoed by GovernorTransparencyAmends Definition of “Reportable Business Relationship”
A9622-C (Solages)S8419-B (Ramos)SupportPassed Senate and AssemblyTransparencyIncreases Transparency of Community Advisory Committees Created for NYS Economic Development Projects
A642-C (Carroll)S284-C (Myrie)SupportSigned by GovernorTransparencyRemedies the “Wrong Church suppression” technicality
by counting eligible votes on affidavit ballots cast in the correct Assembly District, but at the incorrect poll site
A3801 (Abinanti)S3587-C (Comrie)OpposeVetoed by GovernorAccountable Public AuthoritiesToll Payer Protection Act