Reinvent Albany State Bill Memos, 2019-2020

Assembly BillSenate BillRA PositionStatusIssueDescription
A9100-A (Gottfried)S8198-A (Biaggi)SupportIn CommitteeBudgetGrants the legislature an equal role with the governor in the budget process
A1282-A (Carroll)S594-A (Krueger)Support and Recommend ImprovementsIn CommitteeEthicsReplaces JCOPE and LEC with new ethics enforcement entity
A1390 (Buchwald)S2271 (Hoylman)Support and Recommend ImprovementsIn CommitteeTransparencyDisclosure of tax returns for elected officials representing New York state
A473 (Paulin)S2975 (Skoufis)SupportVetoed by GovernorTransparencyRequires the secretary of state to compile, make public and keep current certain information about state boards
A7476 (Magnarelli)S5445 (Skoufis)SupportSigned by GovernorTransparencyAllows the state comptroller to audit certain organizations directly or indirectly controlled by municipal corporations and certain other government entities
A414-A (Paulin)S4685-A (Skoufis)SupportSigned by GovernorTransparencyExpedites judicial proceedings to determine if disclosure of records under FOIL should stopped under the trade secrets exemption
A3939 (Englebright)S5496 (Skoufis)SupportVetoed by GovernorTransparencyRequires a particularized justification for denial of access to records under FOIL
A2682-A (Lavine)S2300-A (Kavanagh)SupportSigned by GovernorVotingVoter-friendly ballot act
A2334 (Schimminger)S2815 (Comrie)SupportIn CommitteeTransparencyRequires Empire State Development Corporation to create and maintain a searchable state subsidies and economic development benefits database on its website (BILLS NOT ALIGNED)
A220 (Paulin)S1872 (Comrie)SupportSigned by GovernorEthicsAuthorizes the Authorities Budget Office to suspend local authority board members and executive staff
A113 (Buchwald)S3167 (Myrie)Support and Recommend ImprovementsIn CommitteeCampaign financeBans campaign contributions by companies seeking business with the state
VariousVariousSupportSigned by GovernorVotingEarly Voting, No-Excuse Absentee Voting (referred to judiciary - amendment), Same-Day Registration (referred to judiciary - amendment), Consolidated Primary, Pre-Registration for Minors, Universal Transfer of Registration, LLC Loophole
A119B (Buchwald)S6608B (Harckham)SupportPassed Assembly, on Senate floor calendarTransparencyClarifies how agencies should administer FOIL
A10839 (Zebrowski)S8833 (Gianaris)Support and Recommend ImprovementsPassed Assembly and SenateRedistrictingAmends the redistricting section of the state constitution
A10443 (Dinowitz)S3401-B (Gianaris)SupportIn CommitteeTax subsidiesOpportunity Zone Tax Break Elimination Act
A10833 (Dinowitz)S8015-D>SupportSigned by GovernorVotingCodifies the expansion of expanded absentee voting for the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic
A10807 (Taylor)S8783 (Myrie)SupportSigned by GovernorVotingTemporarily allows absentee ballot applications to be submitted to boards of elections more than 30 days before Election Day
A8473 (Blake)S6463 (Myrie)SupportPassed Senate; in Assembly CommitteeVotingAllows NYC to set up Online Voter Registration