NYS Assembly Hearing on Information Revolution Postponed


The hearing may have been postponed, but the Information Revolution just keeps getting bigger and faster.

Reinvent Albany was informed by the State Assembly that the November 18th hearing on NYS government and the information revolution has been postponed until January or February.  We hope this innovative hearing is indeed postponed and not cancelled.  The hearing raised excellent questions about how New York State, or any government, is taking advantage of technology changes which have made it much cheaper and easier to put information online, build websites and other technology tools, and get information, literally, into the hands of the public.

We look forward to the hearing happening sometime early next year. In the meantime, our thanks  to Assemblymember Andy Hevesi, Chair of the Committee on Oversight and his colleagues Steve Englebright, Chair of the Committee on Government Operations, and George Latimer, Chair of the Legislative Committee on Government Administration. We appreciate their work getting this hearing process underway and lining up an impressive array of experts.  We look forward to working with them as they take on one of the biggest questions of our time: using Information Technology to transform government.