What the Governor Can Do to Increase Transparency Using Technology


This is a continuation of our series of posts summarizing recommendations for using the explosion in information technology to open New York State’s government.

Citizens Union • Common Cause NY • League of Women Voters of NY State
Reinvent Albany • New York Public Interest Research Group


 Recommendations for Governor Cuomo


  1. Create a FOIL Center webpage and post all non-personal FOIL requests, refusals and disclosures within a week for Chamber and agencies.
  2. Create an Open NY or Innovation Team to help spread good transparency and technology ideas and practices throughout the executive branch, and to implement the transparency revolution.
  3. Issue executive orders to put government digital information online, starting with the most frequently FOILed and requested documents.
  4. Adopt DOH Metrix data transparency/collaboration goals for all agencies.
  5. Fully use NY Performs as a public accountability tool: Fully fund and deploy NY Performs online performance system, and make fully available to public.
  6. Fund an upgrade of the Authorities Budget Office website.
  7. Pick one area for fast tracking greater transparency: for instance, consumer financial information, mortgages, insurance, bank rates and credit card rates.
  8. Launch a high caliber “Project Sunlight” site at Office of General Services.