Good Progressive Governments Embrace Technology for Civic Benefit


“Good progressive leadership, good progressive government can change lives with the stroke of a pen and do a lot of good.”
Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy to reporters at Democratic National Convention.

Great quote by Lt. Governor Duffy. We agree wholeheartedly. Like Governor Cuomo and his team, we would like to see New York State government held up as an example of innovative thinking and doing, instead of scandal and backroom dealings.  Governor Cuomo is eager to leave the bad old days of dysfunction behind. One way he do that is by using the the Information Revolution that is transforming American business and society to transform everyday governance and government. Then candidate for governor Andrew Cuomo put forth an audacious plan in his Cleaning Up Albany campaign book to just that. Cuomo’s OpenNY plan outlined a world class program to use Information Technology to make New York government work better, faster and more transparently for New Yorkers.  Candidate Cuomo’s plan is a good one.  Now it’s time for governor Cuomo to use it.