Port Authority to Revise Freedom of Information Code


At its September 17, 2014 meeting, the Port Authority board of directors voted to create a new Freedom of Information Code matching either New York or New Jersey and creating a novel, two-tiered, appeal process consisting of a Review Board and third party “dispute resolution provider.” We hope the Port asks for public comment before voting on the final policy.

RESOLVED, that the Secretary of the Port Authority, with the assistance of
the General Counsel of the Port Authority, is directed to prepare a revised Freedom of
Information Code for consideration by the Board, at its October 22, 2014 meeting,
that would (i) provide for the disclosure of Port Authority records to the same extent
that comparable records would be disclosable by either the State of New York or the
State of New Jersey under their respective freedom of information and privacy laws;
and (ii) create a two-tiered appeals process that would be available to any person who
is denied access to a record of the Port Authority, consisting in the first instance of
the consideration of such matter by a Freedom of Information Review Board to be
established within the agency, to be followed, if necessary, with a binding
independent arbitration process to be conducted by a neutral, third party alternative
dispute resolution provider.

(This excerpt can be found on page 24 of the pdf downloadable at the embedded link above.)