Civic Groups Positive About Substance of Port Authority Reform But Displeased with Process



Substance Represents an Appealing and Significant Reform Step

Rushed Non-Transparent Process of Adoption May Run Counter to Reform

Leading civic groups note that the reform agreement announced today for the Port Authority of NY and NJ represents an appealing and significant reform step, which is a long overdue measure to improve the governance, transparency and public accountability of the Port Authority. Important reforms in the agreement include:

  • a more streamlined governance structure that will hopefully result in more bi-state cooperation,
  • stricter ethics policies including adoption of a whistleblower policy,
  • greater public accountability of the Port Authority through more detailed financial reporting, including notification regarding the disposition of property, and
  • increased public notification and comment periods for fare and toll increases.

We note however, that the process for adoption of the reforms in New York State may be less than ideal, as the bill may be passed via a message of necessity. That it will pass without one public hearing being held since the 2014 bill was vetoed on New Year’s Eve is a blow to needed public review of any proposed legislation.


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