Nice Example of Using Open Data By NYSERDA


We are happy to take a break from the endless conflict of interest, secrecy and corruption that too often beset NY State government and highlight a nice little example of government can use data and technology to better serve the public.  The home page of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority includes a plug for NYSERDA data on the state’s OpenNY open data portal. NYSERDA has published data from its big four-year survey on residential energy efficiency. The study was intended to help businesses better understand the consumer market for energy-efficient equipment, and ensure NYSERDA is properly targeting clean energy subsidies.

So, good work on this NYSERDA. Now, how about you really take advantage of open data to increase your agency’s accountability and transparency? Please publish NYSERDA’s hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts, and billion-plus in NYSun rebates in a machine readable format on the open data portal – or your own website.