Updated List of Judges for 2015 Hunger Games — $2.25B in State Economic Development Subsidies


In a very rapid response to a Freedom of Information Law request, the State Economic Development Authority provided Reinvent Albany with an updated list of the members of the State Implementation Team. (SIAT.) The SIAT are the official judges of the two enormous state competitions for local economic development aid and business subsidies. Judges are appointed by the governor and determine the winners of the $750 million in funds distributed within the state’s Regional Economic Development Councils, and for the separate $1.5B competition between different Upstate regions. The 2015 SIAT is much bigger than the 2014 version and includes six members of the Cuomo administration, four state legislators, and representatives of two D.C. based non-profit groups, and a Boston based member of the U.S. Commerce Department.

2015 State Implementation Assessment Team
(Source: ESD via FOIL response to Reinvent Albany. Not online as of 10/28/15)

13 members, 6 Albany based*, 3 outside of NYS+,

  1. Cesar Perales, Chair, Secretary of State*
  2. Roann Destito, Commissioner OGS *
  3. Matthew Driscoll, Commissioner DOT  *
  4. Jerry Boone, Commissioner Tax & Finance *
  5. Robert Puentes, Senior Fellow Brookings MPP +
  6. Marc Morial, President, National Urban League +
  7. Richard Tobe, Director, Upstate Revitalization NYS*
  8. Sabrina Ty, President & CEO Environmental Facilities Corporation *
  9. James Cox, Northeast Regional Director, United States Department of Commerce +
  10. Hon. James Seward, Senator District 51, New York State Senate
  11. Hon. Kenneth LaValle, Senator District 1, New York State Senate
  12. Hon. Donna Lupardo, Assemblywoman District 123, New York State Assembly
  13. Hon. Herman “Denny” Farrell, Assemblyman District 71, New York State Assembly

2014 State Implementation Assessment Team

8 members, 6 Albany based.

  1. Cesar A. Perales, New York State Secretary of State;
  2. Jerry Boone, Commissioner and President, New York State Civil Service Commission;
  3. RoAnn Destito, Commissioner, New York State Office of General Services;
  4. Matthew Driscoll, President and CEO, NYS Environmental Facilities Corporation;
  5. Thomas Mattox,Commissioner, NYS Department of Taxation and Finance;
  6. Colonel Eric Hesse, Executive Director, New York State Division of Veterans’ Affairs.