NYC Enacts Five Bills Updating Open Data Law


Today, Mayor de Blasio signed into law the first five amendments to the NYC Open Data Law since its passage in 2012.

  1. Intro 890-A: requires DoITT to archive data sets on the portal, which will help users compare current data to historical data.
  2. Intro 898-A: requires every data set on the open data portal to have a data dictionary, which will define terms of art and what information is in each column.
  3. Intro 900-A: requires each data set with street addresses to use the same format for the address, as well as a common format for latitude and longitude information. This bill will also create a working group to establish that format.
  4. Intro 914-A: all requests for data made on the open data portal must receive a response from DoITT within two weeks, and a determination as to whether the request will be granted or denied within two months.
  5. Intro 915-A: requires any public data set that is made available on both the open data portal and through an agency website to be updated on the open data portal within ten days.