Historic NYS Bid Rigging Scandal Involved at Least $778m in Tax Payer Funds


In September, U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara and NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman arrested nine people, including Joe, Governor Cuomo’s closest aide, and Alain Kaloyeros, the president of SUNY Poly and “nano-czar,” and three of the governor’s top campaign contributors from Upstate New York.  Among other things, the criminal complaints revealed an alleged scheme to rig state contracts in Buffalo and Syracuse worth about $778 million. We think there are probably more rigged contracts that have not been revealed.  SUNY Poly awarded a number of other large no-bid contracts to politically connected developers — including those whose executives have already been arrested.

Allegedly Rigged Contracts Included in U.S. Attorney’s Complaint

Riverbend Solar City Factory, Buffalo
Contract between: SUNY Poly/ Fort Schuyler Management and LP Ciminelli
Public funds rigged : Up to $663 million*

Film Hub, SORAA Factory, Syracuse
Contract between: SUNY Poly/ Fort Schuyler Management and COR Development
Public funds rigged : Up to $105 million

Total Public funds involved in bid rigging scandal as of 10/14/16: up to $778 million

*Amount approved by Fort Schuyler Management Corporation Board at 9/13/16 meeting. (See 8:45 on)