Did The MTA Board Fully Review NY Crossings Contracts — Including $100M Decorative “Gateway” Towers — Before Approving Them?

On September 7, 2017, Reinvent Albany asked the Authorities Budget Office to investigate whether the MTA board met its fiduciary duty, and was fully informed, before approving contracts related to the governor’s NY Crossings program on MTA bridges and tunnels. Our formal complaint is centered around whether the MTA board knew what it was doing when it approved a series of contract amendments that had salted within them $47m worth of expenses for decorative towers at the entrance to the Battery and Queens Midtown Tunnels. The context for Reinvent Albany’s complaint about the decorative Towers and MTA board oversight was news in July that Governor Cuomo intended to compel the MTA to spend upwards of $200m on decorative Harbor Lights on MTA bridges. Under the law, the MTA is a public authority governed by a board that has a duty to the organization and public to promote the MTA’s mission, not the governor’s whim.