Reinvent Albany Calls on 2019 Charter Revision Commission to Establish Ranked Choice Voting in New York City


Commission Should Apply RCV to All Elections and Offices

At the May 9 meeting of the 2019 New York City Charter Revision Commission, watchdog group Reinvent Albany urged the Commission to put Ranked Choice Voting on the November ballot.

A 2014 City Council bill establishing RCV was not brought up for a vote despite having 27 co-sponsors, and the 2010 and 2018 Charter Revision Commissions reviewed the proposal and did not act. After years of delay, New York City voters should finally have the opportunity to make their preferences known.

We believe a robust Ranked Choice Voting process will:

  • Apply RCV to all Citywide and City Council elections.
  • Apply RCV to all elections – primary, general, and special elections.
  • Limit the number of candidates voters can rank on the ballot to three.
  • Implement an instant runoff rather than a hybrid version of RCV.

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