Transit Advocates Hail Bipartisan Support for MTA Federal Rescue Funds


Transit advocates in New York hailed a forceful opinion piece published today in Washington by Members of Congress Thomas Suozzi and Peter King, making the case for federal support for New York’s struggling public transit system.

Writing in The Hill, the Members of Congress argue that a functional, robust public transit system is needed to support metropolitan New York’s emergence from the Covid-19 pandemic: “A strong MTA will be critical to the resurgence of New York and the country’s economy when our focus shifts to reopening. As the MTA’s service area makes up nearly 10 percent of the national GDP, it’s crucial to American economy for the system to be ready and functional to help bring the country back.”

Suozzi, a Democrat and King, a Republican, both represent parts of Long Island. They state that “funding mass transit during this unprecedented public health crisis isn’t a red or blue’s a no-brainer.”

The MTA requested $3.9 billion in federal support for operations last month. Revenues at the regional transit agency have been wiped out as rail and bus riders stayed home, tax receipts plunged and bridge tolls dried up.

Suozzi and King joined with Congressional colleagues from New York City and the Hudson Valley in a letter in April urging U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to meet the MTA’s request.

Additional federal funding for New York’s transportation system is critical to city’s resurgence