Group Statement in Response to Potential Delay of Congestion Pricing Implementation


A significant delay in congestion pricing’s implementation would be disastrous for the New York metro region’s 12 million riders and our state and regional economy.

We look forward to working with the Biden Administration for a speedy approval of congestion pricing so an environmental review can be completed well before 2023.

Given the inherent and robust environmental benefits of reducing traffic and incentivizing use of public transit, we believe a simple, short form, environmental review is appropriate in assessing the overall environmental impacts of New York’s proposed congestion pricing plan. The Biden Administration should formally designate the Federal Highway Administration as the agency to review the MTA’s application to clarify what is necessary for the process to move forward.

As it is, the MTA is facing drastic service cuts and a potential slashing of its capital program. Thousands of jobs are at stake, along with transit service New Yorkers depend on.

Congestion pricing revenue is the single largest source of funding for the MTA’s 2020 – 2024 capital program. It will bring billions of dollars into the network for signal improvements, new elevators and other accessibility improvements, and track upgrades, among many critically needed projects to maintain and modernize our transit.

Importantly, these funds will also allow the agency to be a jobs engine for a region in desperate need of recovery. According to an analysis by Regional Plan Association, the MTA capital program is estimated to produce 350,000 full-time jobs throughout the State of New York.

Congestion pricing will reduce air pollution and improve the health of millions of New Yorkers. This is especially important as we continue to learn about the links between exposure to pollution and worse outcomes when contracting COVID-19. It is also an excellent tool to manage traffic, especially important now as traffic has grown to near pre-pandemic levels and New York City is on track to have one of the deadliest years of traffic violence during Mayor de Blasio’s tenure.


Regional Plan Association

New York League of Conservation Voters

Riders Alliance

Tri-State Transportation Campaign

Move NY

Environmental Defense Fund

Bike New York



Straphangers Campaign

Transportation Alternatives

Reinvent Albany