Support for Bill Making Ballot Images Available to Public



A6589-A (Galef) / S286-A (Myrie)

An act to amend the election law, in relation to availability of electronic ballot images.
Section 1 amends subdivision 1 of section 3-222 of the election law to provide that digital images of each cast ballot in an election and the cast vote record showing how ballots were read shall be copied by the local board of elections within a week of each election and be available to the public upon request. Section 2 states that the legislation takes effect immediately.
Statement of Support
Reinvent Albany believes this bill is a crucial transparency measure that will help the public, including researchers and voting experts, assess what changes need to be made to improve ballot design. New York State has a history of poor ballot design that has confused and frustrated countless voters over the years. Opening ballot images and cast vote records to the public will not invade personal privacy and may make voting easier for New Yorkers in the future.This bill passed the Senate on June 1st and is currently in Assembly Election Law. We urge the Assembly to pass the bill immediately.
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