The Legislature should not approve last-minute, backroom changes to MTA governance structure


Statement on End of Session Negotiations on MTA Governance
Journalists have made credible reports that the legislature is considering passing the Governor’s proposal to split the MTA leadership job as part of the end of session deal, known as the “Big Ugly.”

We urge the legislature not to pass a major change to MTA governance as part of a last-minute, deal-making frenzy.

The MTA has been suffering from a dire crisis of public confidence since Governor Cuomo politicized the authority and undertook a confusing and sporadic transformation plan. The legislature should not approve last-minute, backroom changes to the MTA governance structure.

The public has still not seen the language or details of the revised proposal that may be passed by a message of necessity, which allows bills to be voted on immediately rather than age three days before a legislative vote occurs.

The legislature of 2021 is considering hastily undoing a much-touted reform that was adopted through a highly public process in 2009 to merge the Chair and CEO positions. On this issue, the legislature would be plunging backwards into the bad old Albany days of transactional politics with no time for public debate or thoughtful vetting.

Reinvent Albany stands by the memo of opposition we submitted with other groups yesterday.