Support for Bill Requiring Public Bodies to Post Video Recordings of Open Meetings



A8107 (Paulin) / S7305 (Kaplan)

Requires Public Bodies to Publish Video Recordings of Open Meetings

January 10, 2022

An act to amend the public officers law, in relation to requiring public bodies to post video recordings of open meetings.

Section 1 amends Public Officers Law section 103(f) to require that all public bodies publish video recordings of open meetings within five business days and maintain the recording for at least five years, if the public body has a website and high-speed internet connection. This section also expands the livestreaming requirement to all public bodies (such as legislatures), rather than just agencies and authorities, and provides that public bodies may livestream through off-site platforms (such as YouTube or Facebook).

Section 2 states that the bill takes effect immediately.

Reinvent Albany supports this bill because we believe that livestreaming and recording all open meetings will allow the public to participate more in the democratic process.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, more public bodies have been livestreaming and recording meetings, increasing access for New Yorkers, particularly those with disabilities. However, some public bodies, including legislatures, still do not livestream in-person meetings or post recordings. This bill will make sure that most open meetings are livestreamed, and that recordings are quickly posted for public viewing.

It’s time to update the Open Meetings Law for the 21st century. We urge the Legislature to pass the bill.

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