Reinvent Albany Fully Supports NYS Senate Bill Banning State/Local Subsidies for E-Commerce Warehousing


Reinvent Albany Fully Supports NYS Senate Bill S8418
Banning State and Local Subsidies
For E-Commerce Warehouses and Distribution Centers 

New York State and local governments spend $10B a year subsidizing businesses, most of which goes to enormous, highly profitable corporations.

Huge e-commerce companies like Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy and Home Depot do not need or deserve handouts from NY taxpayers.

Among New York’s dumbest forms of taxpayer handouts are the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars supporting e-commerce warehouses and distribution centers. This is a total waste of public funds. Research by national watchdog Good Jobs First clearly shows companies locate their distribution networks based on access to highways and major markets, not subsidies.

We thank Senator Ryan and Assemblymember Solages for introducing this important legislation and the growing number of New York and national advocates standing behind it.