Reinvent Albany Joins Letter Asking for Expedited Council Review of NYC Districting Plan


Reinvent Albany joined Citizens Union and other advocacy groups in a letter to NYC Council Speaker Adrienne Adams, calling on her to convene the City Council to review the proposed district plan from the NYC Districting Commission as soon as possible. Per the City Charter, the City Council has until October 27 to vote on the plan, but it would be in the best interest of the public to speed up their review and allow more time for New Yorkers to comment on the district maps. The final plan needs to be submitted on December 7, which “leaves only six weeks for the Districting Commission to receive and process any objections from council members, develop a revised plan accordingly, hold another round of public hearings on the revised plan, and get to an agreement on a final plan.” Public comment has been an integral part of the redistricting process, and we want to ensure New Yorkers are given adequate time to give their input on district maps.