Reinvent Albany Joins Letter to Gov in Support of Reducing Voter Registration Deadline and Remedying “Wrong Church” Rule


Reinvent Albany joined the League of Women Voters of NYS and other advocacy groups in a letter to Governor Hochul to sign two important bills: 1) S2951A/A8858A, which would reduce the voter registration deadline to 10 days, and 2) S284C/A642C (“Wrong Church” rule), which would avoid disqualifying a registered voter’s ballot if it was inadvertently cast at a different poll site than their assigned one. The Governor signed S284C/A642C on December 6, 2022.

We urge the Governor to sign S2951A/A8858A as soon as possible. Reducing the voter registration deadline to 10 days would “increase voter access, reduce a structural barrier to voting for all, and increase participation in our democracy.” In addition, this reduced 10-day registration deadline would coincide with the start of early voting, thereby making it easier for New Yorkers to vote. 

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