Governor’s Congestion Pricing Folly Derails End of Session 

Six Bills We Support Passed Both Houses, FOIL Bills Stalled by Chaos

The end of the legislative session was severely disrupted by the Governor’s announcement of an “indefinite pause” on congestion pricing, and her failed attempt to get the Legislature to approve various cockamamie financing schemes as a substitute. We thank members of the Legislature, in particular the State Senate, for standing firm in support of congestion pricing. We applaud legislators for refusing to approve an “IOU” or increase the Payroll Mobility Tax solely for NYC as part of a “Big Ugly” end-of-session deal using the Governor’s message of necessity. (Despite the circumstances, we do appreciate a session that ends without a Big Ugly, which last happened in 2021.)

While the Legislature was deliberating on the Governor’s half-baked MTA funding proposals, a number of bills we were championing that would increase state government transparency or accountability stalled out and did not pass either or both houses. However, we were glad to see six bills we support pass both houses, including bills that extend and expand the red light camera program in NYC, require emergency contracts to be published, and increase the cap on Supreme Court justices.

Roundup of Our Legislative Priorities

Home Rule

Open Government and Freedom of Information

Clean, Accountable Government

Strong Democracy

End Corporate Giveaways 

Prohibits IDAs from taking taxes from schools (A351 (Bronson) / S89 (Ryan)) – Did not pass either house