Serving Two Masters

The New York State legislature should start fighting corruption by capping outside income, as Congress did decades ago.

Listening to FOIL

An examination of the FOIL logs of one state agency tells us what data sets are high-value and should be open data.

Beyond Magic Markers

Examining the costs of New York City’s outdated FOIL response process, and the savings from Open FOIL systems.

Opening New York

State Open Data Legislation needs to be developed collaboratively between the governor and the legislature.

State Open Campaign System

Online tools for fairer, cleaner, more transparent New York State election campaigns.
socs report

NYS Open Data Roundtable

A collection of open data resources, including the NYS Executive Order, the Open Data Handbook, etc.

NYC Open Data Law

Considered the best open data law in the world, we urge the NYC Council and new administration to fully fund and support it.progressandchallenges

A New Transparency

Using the Explosion in Information Technology to open New York State Government to the public. anewtransparency

Executive Orders

Immediate Actions the Governor can take to make New York government more democratic, open and accountable. executiveorders