Reports and Fact Sheets

Reinvent Albany regularly writes and publishes on issues and legislation relevant to our core mission. Below is a complete list of our reports, policy briefs, and memos.

December 2022 PACB Vote Approving Penn Redevelopment Plan Completely Abnormal Analysis of Newly-FOILed Records Confirms July 2022 Penn Resolution One of Only Two of 1,017 “Applications” Voted on by the PACB NOT about Project Financing November 2022 Everyone Says They Love Workforce Development, But What, Exactly, Is It? NYS has over 500 workforce development programs but doesn’t have an actual definition of “workforce development.” This report explores the many definitions of workforce development and proposes solutions for improving it. November 2022 Ridership Down: The MTA Fiscal Cliff Is Real The MTA faces a fiscal cliff that could obliterate transit service when federal emergency COVID aid runs out and needs billions in new, recurring, state dedicated funding. October 2022 In a Healthy Democracy, Facts Matter (20 Major Studies on Business Subsidies) 20 Major Studies Showing Taxpayer Subsidies to Businesses Don’t Work October 2022 Empire State of Emergency: Overuse of Governor’s Emergency Powers Invites Abuse of Power and Corruption Recommends legislation to rein in emergency powers and restore oversight August 2022 Key Sources on Penn Station Redevelopment Plan Reinvent Albany has compiled a list of key sources on the Penn Station Redevelopment Plan. We will continue to update. July 2022 Watchdog Report Uncovers $1.2B Tax Break for Vornado in Opaque Penn Station Financing Scheme Reinvent Albany published a detailed analysis of NYS’s secretive plan to pay for Penn Station upgrades. June 2022 Double Jeopardy: MTA Capital Plan Imperiled by Congestion Plan Delay Two years in, the MTA has only 7% of the funds budgeted, or $4B out of $55B total. March 2022 Opening New York 2022: Rating 70 State Agency Transparency Plans What NYS agencies told the Governor they are doing to improve FOIL, Open Data, Open Meetings, and other basic transparency measures August 2021 MTA Needs Congestion Pricing Money Now, Not in 2023 2020-2024 MTA Capital Plan Funding Coming in at Slowest Pace of Last 3 Plans: MTA Has Just $2B of the $55B Budgeted January 2021 Legislative FOIL: A Tale of Two Houses Covers legislative FOIL and the two houses' respective approaches, including recommendations on options for reform. June 2020 Investing in the MTA is Investing in America Analysis of MTA payments outside NYS shows it spent $8B across the country, in 47 of the 50 states from 2011-2018. This in turns created as many as 100,000 jobs. Congress must now step up to fund $3.9B in emergency aid for the MTA.