Monthly Archives: June 2012

Money in Politics in NY: June 29th Edition

1. Though the legislative session drew to a close last week, the pressure on Albany to enact campaign finance reform has not let up.  Editorials in both Newsday and The New York Times cite the failure to pass pending reform measures as one of the legislative session’s shortcomings.  It is clear that support for enhanced […]

Money in Politics in New York: June 15th Edition

1. As the legislative session winds down, the chorus advocating for campaign finance reform in New York State keeps growing louder.  An editorial in the Huffington Post draws on examples from other states to argue that public matching funds will increase constituent involvement and help dull the effect of a few wealthy donors and special […]

Money in Politics in New York: June 8th Edition

1. Although the clock on this legislative session is winding down, reform advocates remain confident that New York’s legislators will enact new campaign finance rules in the near future. “The question about campaign finance reform and public funding of elections is whether it will be adopted soon or sooner,” said Susan Lerner of Common Cause. While […]

Money in Politics in New York This Week: June 1st Edition

Federal as well as state representatives are mired in ethics issues. Representative Michael Grimm of Staten Island has been cited for violating the House of Representatives’ rules on permissible fundraising emails, Staten Island Live reports. Representative Grimm sent a video of one of his speeches on the House floor in a solicitation for donations, a […]