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Money in Politics in New York State: August 31 Edition

For more stories on an ongoing basis, follow the Twitter hashtag #moNeYpolitics and #fairelex. New York Campaign Finance and Ethics News 1. Two recent scandals involving members of the New York State legislature serve as egregious examples of politicians thinking they are above the law. Senator Shirley L. Huntley, D-Queens, is accused of abusing a non-profit that she created to […]

Federal Open Data Dashboard Graphs Heath Care System

The United States Department of Health and Human Services operates the Health System Measurement Project, which is an open data dashboard featuring more than 50 U.S. health system indicators in interactive graphs and charts. According to HHS, the website presents “national trend data as well as detailed views broken out by population characteristics such as […]

NYC Concludes Big Tech Projects Impossible Within Current System

The NY Times reports that New York City will soon unveil a new public authority “that will operate free of the usual city procurement rules, salary limits and legislative oversight.” The agency will oversee software projects costing over $25 million, or over $5 million and involving more than one agency. The new agency is a […]

Presidential Innovation Fellows Tackle Five Civic Tech Tools

The White House has selected eighteen Presidential Innovation Fellows to work on five high-impact projects aimed at “improving how the Federal Government serves the American people.”  The tools developed by the project should could be useful to state and local governments because they address universal issues including access to medical records, problems with current procurement […]

Money in Politics in New York: August 10th Edition

1. New York State’s campaign finance rules allow lawmakers wide latitude to use campaign funds for covering legal fees, restaurant tabs, season tickets to professional sporting events, or in the infamous case of former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno, a $1,300 pool clean-up. Unfortunately the State Board of Elections only exacerbates the problem with lax […]