Monthly Archives: January 2013

Empire Center Launches “Explore Your State Budget”

Explore Your State Budget was launched today by the Empire Center for New York State Policy / Manhattan Institute. The new site is a welcome addition to the growing list of online tools which help the public understand how the government is spending tax dollars. Per the press release, the downloadable data on Explore Your […]

Three Essential Steps to Ensure Open Budget NY Will Succeed

Ensuring Open Budget NY Will Succeed Going Forward Post newly announced Financial Plan budget data in a machine readable format as soon as it is made public. When a budget is proposed, enacted or updated it should appear in a machine readable format on Open Budget NY. Convert historical budget data into a machine readable […]

Reinvent Albany Applauds Launch of NYC Comptroller’s Checkbook 2.0

Reinvent Albany strongly applauds today’s launch of Checkbook 2.0. See our statement of support below, and today’s article in the New York Times. We will post more on Checkbook 2.0’s many excellent features in the days ahead. “Checkbook 2.0 is probably the most powerful fiscal transparency website in the United States, maybe the world. It’s […]

Reinvent Albany Applauds Launch of Governor Cuomo’s Open Budget NY

Reinvent Albany applauds Governor Cuomo for launching Open Budget NY, which is an important step for open government in New York, and a smart first step in his newly announced Open NY initiative. The budget is the most important document our government produces. But until today, it’s been difficult for even experts to work with […]

Money in Politics in New York: January 18 Edition

The New York Times Editorializes In Favor of Corporate Disclosure Reform NY reported last week about New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli, who is seeking disclosure of political contributions from corporationsthat the state pension fund holds stock in. DiNapoli has filed suit against Qualcomm, a computer chip producer, requesting information regarding its political involvement. Delaware law […]

Money in Politics in New York: January 11 Edition

State of the State: Gov. Cuomo Once Again Calls for Public Financing In his 2013 State of the State Address on Wednesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo reemphasized his support for comprehensive reform of the state’s campaign finance laws including effective disclosure, lower contribution limits, and public financing. The Governor asserted that public financing would strengthen small […]