Systematic Cleanup of Albany

This Op-Ed originally appeared in the Albany Times Union’s July 7, 2013 edition.

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by John Kaehny and Andrew Rasiej,

Like other New Yorkers, we are dismayed by the culture of corruption in state government. We’re disappointed that state lawmakers, though slapped across the face by major scandals, left the Capitol last month without doing anything to strengthen ethics and campaign finance laws.

But as technologists, we are optimistic that things can change. We see how easy it would be to use everyday technology to help make our political system vastly cleaner, fairer and more transparent.

On Tuesday, Gov. Cuomo appointed a Moreland Commission to investigate Albany’s pay-to-play campaign finance system. The commission will inevitably find that the crucial computer systems used to track political campaign money are falling apart and plagued with problems. The good news is that New York can easily do much better. Read more…