Monthly Archives: October 2013

Cloud Computing and NYS Government

Cheers to Assemblymembers Steve Englebright, Andrew Hevesi and Brian Kavanagh for convening the October 17 roundtable on cloud computing. The event was extremely timely, and very welcome.  It was great to see three important Assembly committee chairman delving into the implications and key issues surrounding cloud computing. In 2013, New York State took the plunge […]

Legislation Should Release Data, not Produce Maps

The following is re-posted from, and is written by Frank Hebbert of OpenPlans. * * * Hey, legislators! Don’t write laws that require maps (especially those that detail how the map information will be aggregated). Instead, write laws to open up data. The maps will come. Much easier. Shorter, future-proofed laws.  If you feel strongly about […]