Monthly Archives: May 2016

Odd Update to NYC Open Data Tech Manual — First Since Late 2012

New York City’s Open Data Law, passed in 2012, was a landmark for sharing government data with the public in a machine-readable and reusable format. The law itself is fairly simple because it leaves the details to a Technical Standards Manual written by NYC’s Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT). The Technical Standards Manual […]

Public Authorities Control Board Failing To Protect Public

Board Approves $485.5m For SolarCity/RiverBend Without Getting Answers Today, the Public Authorities Control Board failed to do its job, which is to hold state agencies accountable before approving huge sums of taxpayer funds. At a minimum, the PACB should have made representatives from the Cuomo administration publicly answer basic questions about how the SUNY Research […]

Questions the PACB Should Ask About Solar City and State Econ Dev Non-Profits

Does any New Yorker think taxpayers should spend $1.5 million to create one factory job for five years? Well, that’s exactly what is slated to happen at Solar City’s $750 million, taxpayer funded, Riverbend factory in Buffalo. As part of a secret agreement between Solar City and the SUNY Research Foundation the number of factory […]

Watchdogs Support Comptroller’s Proposed Ban on Secret Slush Funds

DiNapoli Report: “Eliminate State Discretionary Lump Sum Appropriations” Transparency and government watchdog groups issued a statement of support for Comptroller DiNapoli’s call to prohibit state discretionary lump sum expenditures, like the $1.3B State and Municipal Facilities Program. (SAM) Common Cause NY and Reinvent Albany have frequently called attention to lump sum spending, and believe these […]