Monthly Archives: June 2016

Editorial from the Albany Times Union

Put it in writing, governor Growing up from children to adults, and sometimes in growing from adults into genuinely mature individuals, we learn there’s a difference between what we can do and what we should do. Gov. Andrew Cuomo can, within the letter of the law, designate anyone he wants under the Moreland Act to […]

Memo to Albany: First, Lock the Front Door and the Vault.

Let’s say you managed a bank that gets looted every night by burglars who trundle loads of cash through the unlocked front door and open vault. You would probably put a strong new lock on the front door, make sure the vault was closed tight, and hire a watchman. But that’s not how it works […]

Reaction to Governor Cuomo’s June 8, 2016 Speech at Fordham Law School On Independent Expenditures

Curbing Independent Expenditures and the Governor’s Upstate Economic Development Scandal We support the governor’s call for curbing Independent Expenditures – they are as bad as he says. But the governor also needs to champion reforms that directly address the pay to play and conflict of interest engulfing his own Upstate economic development programs. Independent expenditures […]

“Sources say,” these organizations have been subpoenaed by Bharara

As reported by Newsday, “sources say” the following organizations have been subpoenaed as part of the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District’s probe into conflict of interest and potential bid rigging within the state economic development system. This list is probably not complete. LPCiminelli, a Buffalo-based developer SolarCity, a solar panel company Carnegie Management, a […]