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Money in Politics in New York: May 23 Edition

Big Donors Sign Letter Asking Gov. Cuomo and Legislature to Reform Campaign Finance Nearly 140 major political donors, including more than 50 fund-raisers for President Obama, have signed a letter to support the public financing of campaigns in New York. In the wake of a series of corruption scandals that have tarnished Albany, the signatories are calling […]

Vito Lopez: Genius at Perverting Government

It’s no secret that Vito Lopez is much more than a garden variety pervert. For decades he has been one of the most powerful figures in Albany. In his own way, the man is a genius. If there was a Corruption Hall of Fame, Vito would be on the first team, up there with legendary […]

White House Upgrades Open Data Policy

On Thursday, President Obama issued an executive order building off his earlier orders and OMB memos like the Open Government Directive, the Managing Government Records Directive, and projects like the Open Government Platform. It’s called “Making Open and Machine Readable the New Default for Government Information“, and it continues to push federal agencies toward meaningful open […]

“Harshest critics of corruption and waste”

“And public confidence in government is very important to me. I’m a Democrat and I tell my fellow Democrats it is the party that tells voters the public sector can be a force for good, we have to be the harshest critics of corruption and waste and fraud in government.” — NY Attorney General Eric […]

Money in Politics in New York, May 6 Edition

Jerome Kohlberg Explains Why Business Leaders are Standing Behind Campaign Finance ReformIn a Crain’s New York Business op-ed, New York LEAD member Jerome Kohlberg explains why the business community supports campaign finance reform. New York was recently reminded how rampant corruption is in the state after the arrest of two state lawmakers in separate bribery scandals. Business leaders […]