Monthly Archives: October 2012

Money in Politics in New York: October 19 Edition

Corporate Contributions Follow the Party in Power The Center for Working Families has issued a new report, The Big Switch, which details patterns of corporate contributions in New York State political campaigns. The Big Switch explains how corporate contributions flow to candidates who are in power, rather than candidates of a particular political party or […]

Feds Launch Online Freedom of Information Site — Inspiration for New York.

Last week, the federal government launched FOIAonline, its new one-stop spot to access, track, and query Freedom of Information Act requests. The $1.7 million website and document processing tool allows visitors to request information and track requests from half a dozen federal agencies.  The new tool was developed jointly by the EPA, Department of Commerce […]

Money in Politics in New York, October 5 Edition

Public Financing Can Stem Corruption in Albany As the public stands appalled by the shameful behavior of their representatives in Albany, Lawrence Norden, senior counsel at the Brennan Center, offers a solution to re-engage citizensin the political process in the Press and Sun Bulletin. Currently New York State’s sky-high contribution limits drown out the voice of regular voters. […]