Monthly Archives: August 2014

Money in Politics in NY: Aug. 22 Edition

The Real Moreland Takeaway SUNY New Paltz dean and state government expert Gerald Benjamin and former New York City corporation counsel Fritz Schwarz wrote an op-ed in the Daily News this week to emphasize the need for public financing at the state level. The attention surrounding Governor Cuomo’s handling of the Moreland Commission is “an easy distraction,” they write, […]

Monday in Politics in NY: Aug. 15 Edition

Cuomo Ignores Calls for Debates A recent poll conducted by Siena College shows that although a large majority of New York voters believe Governor Andrew Cuomo’s handling of the Moreland Commission was inappropriate, they still view him favorably and would vote to re-elect him. The poll was conducted from August 4 to August 7 in the wake […]

FOIL Request Logs As Open Data Sensor

Listening to FOIL: Using FOIL Requests To Guide Agency Open Data Efforts Case Study: An analysis of NYS DEC FOIL Logs The advent of the Internet and inexpensive information technology have created enormous opportunities for proactively disclosing public records and digital information or “data.” New York State and New York City have recognized this opportunity, […]

Why Is the Cuomo Administration Automatically Deleting State Employees’ Emails?

Pro Publica writes today “Why is the Cuomo Administration Automatically Deleting State Employees’ Emails?” This story was co-published with the Albany Times-Union and WNYC. New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s administration — which the governor pledged would be the most transparent in state history — has quietly adopted policies that allow it to purge the […]

Transparency and Thruway’s Baffling $35m TZ Savings Claim

Yesterday, the Thruway Authority claimed in a press release that it would save $35m in borrowing costs by borrowing $255.7m in Clean Water funds from the Environmental Facilities Corporation. We find this claim baffling and calculate that at most the Thruway (not tax payers) would save $10,074,580, and if it was charged the same ECF […]