Monthly Archives: December 2014

Governors Release Special Christmas Report on Port Authority Reform

In their joint press statement announcing the veto of a bill mandating fundamental governance reforms to the Port Authority, Governor’s Cuomo and Christie said they would be seeking new, improved, legislation based on the 103 page Special Report to the Governors,  which they released to the public this evening — a Saturday two days after […]

Gov. Cuomo’s Veto of Port Authority Reform Bill — Approval of FOI Bill

Citizens Union, Reinvent Albany New York Public Interest Research Group Tri-State Transportation Campaign Statement Regarding Governor Cuomo’s Veto of Port Authority Reform Legislation And Approval of FOI Legislation We appreciate Governor Cuomo signing a bill improving the Port Authority’s Freedom of Information process. However, Governor Cuomo missed a big opportunity to put the Port Authority […]

Utah and Feds are Email Transparency Models

Earlier this year, Utah’s State Records Committee required state agencies to being keeping the email records of “executive decision makers” permanently, and the email records of rank and file state employees for at least seven years. Utah’s email retention policy is very similar to the “Capstone” program the federal government plans to adopt in 2015. […]

From Albany to Acapulco: NY Times Documents Massive Ethics Failure in Albany (again)

Today, the New York Times used vivid details to show New Yorkers  that Albany remains awash in money and utterly dominated by a cynical, pay to play culture that exploits every possible legal loophole, and often seems bereft of basic ethics. Huge legal loopholes allow legislators to spend campaign contributions on just about anything they […]

Guide to Albany’s Pay to Play Wish List 2015: Governor Edition

Ace Albany reporter Liz Benjamin published an article that should be printed and stuck to the bulletin board of every reformer and government watch dog group. Liz somewhat diplomatically titled her post A Guide to What the Big Cuomo Donors Want in 2015. We think her post is such an important reference that we summarized […]

Biggest Transparency Story 2015 Part II: NY Groups Call for National Tax Subsidy Transparency

The Biggest Transparency Story of 2015 got started early today when Reinvent Albany and twelve New York public interest groups and labor unions submitted formal comments to the authoritative Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB) asking it to make its proposed new standards for disclosing business tax subsidies as strong as possible.  New York State, New York […]