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Department of Total Reinvention: One House Legislature for New York State

If you like to think big, read Richard Emery’s opinion piece in today’s Daily News. Emery is the lawyer who won the 1989 U.S. Supreme Court case that resulted in the abolition of New York City’s Board of Estimates. He writes: Ascent to leadership in a reformed unicameral body would require openness and respect for […]

NYS Assembly Drops Ball on Subway Service Oversight

City Council Announces August 8 Hearing on Subway Meltdown Assembly Has Done No Hearings, None Planned.   The Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) is a state authority that runs subway and bus service in New York City. As a state authority, the MTA is subject to oversight by the state legislature. However, the State Assembly, which […]

A Governor, a Piggy Bank and a Toy Store: Who is Paying $350m for MTA Bridge and Tunnel Decorations in the Middle of a Subway Meltdown

Under the law, the MTA and the NY Power Authority are governed by independent boards whose directors are obligated to act in the “public interest” and have to approve major agency expenditures, contracts and capital expenses. But a story in today’s Politico, and background research by Reinvent Albany, suggests that without the approval of the […]