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Money in Politics in New York, April 26 Edition

Syracuse Post-Standard Editorializes In Favor of Small Donor Matching Funds for First Time On Tuesday, the Syracuse Post-Standard editorialized in favor of small donor matching funds for the first time. According to the editorial, when paired with spending limits and other electoral reforms, public financing of campaigns can help address the culture of corruption in Albany. “Public campaign […]

Low Grades for NYC Agencies on FOIL

Yesterday, New York City’s Public Advocate, Bill de Blasio, published the results of a citywide study on the state of New York’s Freedom of Information Law in the form of a series of report cards. De Blasio FOILed 38 city agencies, measured their response times, rated agency compliance through a snapshot of over 10,000 requests, […]

US Attny Bharara: “Hold the applause for certain transparency measures”

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s important April 22 speech on political corruption in New York included an interesting section on transparency websites. Reinvent Albany has strongly applauded online transparency initiatives in New York State and New York City.  This said, we completely with Bharara’s concern that many government transparency sites do not include crucial information that […]

U.S. Attny Preet Bharara — Public Corruption in NY: More than a Prosecutor’s Problem

If you love New York, you have to read the amazing speech U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara gave to the Citizen’s Crime Commission today.  Bharara highlights “gaping holes in transparency,” and a “culture of corruption that has grown like barnacles on a boat bottom.”  His speech is so interesting because is a sober minded realist — […]

Ind Dems Propose Massive Campaign Finance Overhaul

Amidst the swirling winds of a bitter Spring day, and rumors of more indictments of state elected officials, the State Independent Democratic Conference (IDC) has proposed an ambitious overhaul of New York’s campaign finance laws.  IDC’s detailed proposal is rooted in New York City’s campaign finance system, and includes many proposals championed by good government […]

Money in Politics in New York, April 12 Edition

Financial Industry Heavyweights Join NY LEAD The New York Leadership for Accountable Government (NY LEAD), a group of business, civic and philanthropic leaders organized to push for a citizen-funded elections in New York State, has added several prominent new members to its ranks. Delroy Warmington, managing partner of Delwar Capital Management, and Cynthia DiBarolo, CEO of […]

Putting a Better Team on the Field

Let’s say you just bought a pro football team that regularly has the worse record in the league. Your team’s woes are well documented. Team captains keep an iron grip on the locker room, and talented rookies rarely get to play. The team pays poorly, and many players have to work other jobs. Some players […]

Money in Politics in NY: April 8th Edition

Six Arrested in Corruption Scandal Involving Senator Smith (IDC-Hollis) and NYC Republican Party Chairmen Six individuals have been arrested for their role in a corruption scandal uncovered this week. At the center of the controversy,is Senator Malcolm Smith (IDC-Hollis). Smith, a Democrat, wanted to gain access to the Republican ballot in November for a shot at mayor […]

Smith Scandal Flags $288M in Transportation “Member Items”

“I think I found another place for him to do it, too. Out of multi-modal money. . . Multi-modal money is outside the budget and it’s always around.” State Senator Malcolm Smith explaining where a crooked real estate developer could get $500k in state road funding. Page 26 FBI Complaint Before the Malcolm Smith scandal, […]

Empire State’s Corruption Hit Parade Revisited

“That’s politics, that’s politics, it’s all all about how much. Not about whether or will, it’s about how much, and that’s our politicians in New York, they’re all like that, all like that. And they get like that because of the drive that the money does for everything else. You can’t do anything without the […]